Apply for a Stand - 2021 

B/H Monday 3 May - Deans Court, Wimborne, Dorset

Saturday 3 July - Latton Priory Farm, nr Epping, Essex

B/H Monday 30 August - Deans Court, Wimborne, Dorset

Many pitches at the Brocantes in 2021 are already booked with Exhibitors who were transferred from the 2020 events.

We may have some outside Large Garden/Courtyard pitches available at all events, but are unlikely to have indoor pitches available at either venue, due to the coronavirus space restrictions.

Please complete the form below to apply.  When we are over subscribed, and we cannot offer you the pitch you require, we will place you on a waiting list incase a place becomes available.

Please note, the events at Deans Court will set up on the morning of the Brocante.  The event at Latton Priory Farm will set up on the day before (2 July) or the morning of the event.

Please read the form carefully before applying.


 The following stands are available:

Inside Pitches

  • a 6ft Table Pitch (suitable for jewellery, small vintage items, stationery, candles etc) which includes a 6ft  x 2ft 6" Table within the fee.  Please ensure your display fits on the table itself, without additional floor displays or small tables to the side, underneath or in front (these stalls are located in the centre of the room without a wall behind) Cost: £90

  • Small Pitch measuring 6ft x 6ft to allow you to create your own stand and backdrop (suitable for small furniture, larger jewellery stands, textiles etc) Cost: £110

  • Large Pitch (inside) measuring approx. 12ft x 6ft with a wall behind (suitable for furniture, soft furnishings, clothing and interiors) Cost: £160

Outside Pitches

  • Large Pitch/Garden Gazebo (outside) - these stands are located on the grassed lawns of Deans Court and in the courtyard at Latton Priory.  You should provide your own white 3m x 3m gazebo with weights and be able to assemble it yourself. Cost: £160

Please ensure your stall fits within your allocated space, without blocking gangways, fire exits or paths. Your application must be accompanied by Insurance - bookings cannot be confirmed without it.